I’m Emma Bitz, and the life transition that affected me most was from Perimenopause to Menopause.

It didn’t go so smoothly….. in fact it was a time where I gained 20 kilos, experienced depression, anxiety, insomnia and general poor health. I was at a very low ebb in my life, and I didn’t understand what was happening to my body and had no idea what to do about it.

Instead of resigning myself to feeling unwell and being a little moody and unhappy within myself, I made a conscious decision to take action and research how I could improve my physical and emotional health using nutritional and weight-loss strategies.

My motivation is driven to educate women about healthy living, providing them with the tools to learn how to overcome their health and wellness. 

As a Wellness Mentor, I started to realise leading a sustainable lifestyle requires a more holistic approach.

Looking at the broader picture, I can teach you to see how keeping physical, emotional health and wellbeing in check can be used to your advantage.

Transitioning through the different stages of life can be a stressful and challenging experience...

but it can also be a wonderful opportunity for growth and self-improvement!


I learned that even minor modifications in dietary habits could have a profound positive impact on both physical and emotional health, and that the dietary changes don’t have to be super restrictive, or boring.

There are a lot of readily available foods that help regulate hormones, balance mood and optimise the body for vibrant health.


About the same time I also started to study Meditation and learn more about Mindset.

Once I starting listening to some meditations and applied some of the brain and mind science neuroplasticity tools learned from my Neuroscience Program I found it was easier to make decisions that helped me toward my goal of health and vitality.

I felt more balanced, and I wasn’t always battling myself when I made decisions about food, movement and my wellbeing.  

I now apply these tools to most areas of my life, not just in relation to Food and Exercise.

Optimal Health

Transitioning through the different stages of life can be a stressful and challenging experience, but taking control of the things I could, and upgrading my diet was the first thing that made the biggest difference for me. 

Who knew that a stage in life such as Menopause could be such an opportunity for growth and self-improvement!  I've become the best version of myself by taking advantage of this transitional period to learn more about nutrition, my body's needs, and how to improve my mental wellbeing. 

I now live a happy healthy lifestyle where I feel balanced and amazing on the inside and out. I use what I’ve learned from my own experiences to help other women on their journey through the many ages, and phases of life.

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Better health is possible through nutritional food.

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Customer Reviews

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My consultation with Emma was very insightful. I have Type 2 Diabetes and the guidance I received from Emma was excellent. She helped me prioritise the important aspects of diet and lifestyle. The food groups that will help me manage my glucose levels. She also helped me search for diabetes friendly recipes. I found Emma to be very kind and supportive. She is extremely knowledgeable and can guide you in your health and healing journey.

Sabarna Mukherjee

I recently attended a hydration event with Emma and it was super educational.  I learnt so much!  Emma really knows her stuff all things nutrition and health.  I highly recommend Emma to anyone looking for help with meal planning and nutritional advice.

Erin Halcroft

Emma is a wonderful supportive person who cares for her clients. I lost 20 kilos and have so much energy I have never felt better. She is passionate to help women have long term health.

Tessa Jetson
Goal Setting Specialist

Talking about health, weight and nutrition can feel a tad bit sensitive but not with Emma.Emma made me feel extremely comfortable during our consultation session.  She listened to me and didn't make me feel intimated, shy or embarrassed. Pure genuine care and passion during our consultation.I highly recommend Emma to sort out your relationship with food.I am not getting any younger and having Emma to guide me to have a better relationship with food will prevent health problems as I get older was perfect timing.

Nicola Saunders